Introduction to PHP

  PHP is  server side scripting language implemented by rasmus lerdorf in 1994 using C perl softwares.

Using PHP we can develop dynamic web pages. rasmus lerdorf implemented 1.0 to track total no of vivitor in his server.

PHP stand for personal Home page . It also has alias name Hyperteat preprocessor.

Feature of PHP

PHP is cross platform i.e it support any typr of operating system. Ex-windows , linux etc.

PHP is cross database i.e it support any type of database server. Ex- mySql, sql server, etc. It is providing built in libraries to connect with Mysql satabase . PHP is cross web server , it supports IIS, Apche , tomcat, etc. 

 PHP is cross  web server , it supports IIs, Apache , Tomacat etc.

PHP is open soure software.

PHP is very simple to develop logic.

Executon of PHP is very fast ex- facedook , because of zend engine.

PHP 5.0 is supporting no of object oriented programming concepts.

PHP supports different types of content management. system software . Joomla , wordpress etc. these software pre implemented logics to develop websites or web applications

Zend organisation is maintaining PHP , they introduced no of tools and editors to work with PHP.

PHP support  different types of security functionalities to apply security to application. ex- one way , encryption , two-way encryption authentication etc.


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