Jquery Selectors

 Jquery selectors are one of the most  key parts of the jquery library selectors allows us to select and manipulate HTML  dom element/ elements.

 Jquery selectors are required at every step while using jquery  because without   selecting the html dom element, any action can't be performed.

 Jquery selector  is a function which makes use of expression to find out matching element from a DOM based on given criteria


These are the following jquery selectors.

         1. TagId -  Select the element using tag Id 


                  $("#id1") - It selects an element that uses an Id of id1.


         2. TagName - Select the element/ elements  using specified tagname


                 $("P")  -  It Selects all elements  matched by <P>


         3. ClassName -  Select all the   elements that usess class of class.


                $(".class1")- It selects all the elements which are matched with any tag  that uses a  classname as class1.


                $("P.class1") - It selects all the elements matched by <P> that uses a class of class1.

        4. multiple  elements - It selected multiple elements  specified by a common separator.


                  $("P,div, span ")  - It selects all the elements matched by <div>, <P> as well as <span>.


                    $("#id1,  P") - It elects an element matched by id of id1 as  well as all elements matched by <P>.


                           $("div.class1, P") - It selects all the elements matched by <div> with a class of class1  as well as elements matched by <P>.

     5. All Elements - It selects  all the DOM elelments.




     6. Current Elements - It select  the current element  on which it has been used.




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